Over-Ear Headphones: Everything You Need to Know

What Are Over-Ear Headphones?

As an audiophile, high-quality sound is essential for an immersive listening experience. Over-ear headphones, also known as around-ear headphones, are an excellent choice for any music lover looking to upgrade from standard earbuds. With large, cushioned ear cups that completely encompass your ears, over-ear headphones provide superior noise isolation and comfort for extended listening sessions. … Read more

Are open-back headphones good for movies?

Are open-back headphones good for movies?

So you’re thinking of buying a pair of open-back headphones and wondering if they’re any good for watching movies. Open-backs can be great for music listening at home since they provide an open, spacious sound, but how do they handle the bombastic soundtracks and surround effects of modern blockbusters? The short answer is it depends … Read more

Can You Use Open-Back Headphones In Public?

Can You Use Open-Back Headphones In Public

Have you ever wondered if you can use your open-back headphones in public? You love the spacious soundstage and natural tonality they provide, but aren’t sure if the sound leakage will bother those around you. Using open-back cans in public is a controversial topic in the headphone community with some for and some against. On … Read more

How to Make Open-Back Headphones Closed | Easy & Simple Way

How to Make Open-Back Headphones Closed

You just bought a slick new pair of open-back headphones to get the best audio experience possible. The spacious soundstage and crystal-clear highs are amazing, but the noise leakage is not so great for listening in public or an open office. Rather than shelling out more cash for a pair of closed-back cans, here’s how … Read more

11 Most Expensive Gaming Headsets | Well Reputed!

11 Most Expensive Gaming Headsets

Ever wondered what the most expensive gaming headsets in the world are? Well, let’s just say you better start saving now. We’re talking headsets with price tags higher than a mortgage payment. But when you’re serious about gaming, only the best audio experience will do. No cheap imitations or knock-offs here – these are the … Read more

Top 7 Open Back Headphones for Streaming

So you’ve decided you want to up your streaming game with a pair of open-back headphones. Excellent choice – open-back headphones provide an expansive soundstage that makes music, movies, and games feel more immersive. The trade-off is that they leak sound, so they’re better for private listening. We’ve rounded up 7 of the best open-back … Read more

Are Open-Back Headphones the Best Choice for Streaming?

are open back headphones good for streaming

So you finally decided to invest in a pair of high-quality headphones for streaming music, gaming, or watching movies. Now you’re wondering if open-back or closed-back headphones are the way to go. Open-back headphones have an open design that allows air and sound to pass through, creating a wider and more natural soundstage. The downside … Read more

What are Open-Back Headphones?

What are Open-Back Headphones?

Have you heard about open-back headphones? If not, you’re in for a treat. Open-back headphones provide an open, spacious sound that lets the music breathe. The open design means the ear cups have perforations or grills that allow air to pass through. This creates a wider, more natural soundstage and a three-dimensional quality to the … Read more

Can Gaming Headsets Cause Tinnitus?

Can Gaming Headsets Cause Tinnitus?

Ever wonder if those long hours chatting with your gaming buddies online might be doing permanent damage to your hearing? The truth is, gaming headsets can potentially lead to tinnitus or ringing in the ears. You love playing your favorite games and connecting with friends, but you only get one set of ears—so you need … Read more

Are Gaming Headphones Good For Mixing?

Are Gaming Headphones Good For Mixing?

You’ve been thinking about getting a new pair of headphones specifically for mixing and mastering your audio projects. As an avid gamer, you’ve wondered if your trusty gaming headphones would work in a pinch to also handle your mixing needs. On the one hand, gaming headphones are designed primarily for gaming, so they emphasize a … Read more