How To Check If Galaxy Buds Pro Are Original?

Are you tired of buying counterfeit products and getting duped by shady sellers? We know how frustrating that can be, especially for expensive tech gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

These earbuds are some of the best on the market, but they also come with a high price tag, which makes them an attractive target for counterfeiters. We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering how to check if your Galaxy Buds Pro are original.

In this guide, we’ll show you the exact steps to take to verify the authenticity of your earbuds and avoid getting scammed. Let’s dive in!

How do I know if my Galaxy Buds Pro are real?

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro are one of the best wireless earbuds on the market, offering high-quality sound, noise-canceling technology, and a comfortable fit.

Unfortunately, the popularity of these earbuds has also made them a target for counterfeiters. That’s why knowing how to spot a fake pair of Galaxy Buds Pro is important.

Here is How You Can Spot A fake Galaxy Buds Pro

AspectReal Galaxy Buds ProFake Galaxy Buds Pro
Box SizeSame as fake boxSame as real box
Box OpenabilityEasy to openHarder to open
Charging CaseSmooth lid, fully opensLid doesn’t open fully
Inside the BoxMini box with eartips includedNo mini box included
ManualLighter in weightHeavier in weight
Device PairingAutomatically connects to most Android devicesOnly shows the name Galaxy Buds Pro in Available Devices
Sound QualityCrisp and clean, with ANC and Ambient ModeDecent sound quality but lacks ANC and Ambient Mode
samsung Galaxy Buds Pro box Size

Size of the Box

The size of the box that your Galaxy Buds Pro came in can be a key indicator of authenticity. Genuine Galaxy Buds Pro boxes are slightly larger than fake ones and feature a high-quality finish.

If you’re unsure about the size of the box, check the Samsung website for exact specifications.

Galaxy buds pro packaging


Take a close look at the packaging that your Galaxy Buds Pro came in. Fake packaging is often made from low-quality materials and may feature spelling or grammatical errors.

Additionally, the fake box is usually harder to open and does not have the same level of attention to detail as the genuine one.

galaxy buds pro real vs fake

Charging Case

The charging case is another important part of the Galaxy Buds Pro package. Make sure the case has the same design as the genuine one and that it feels sturdy and well-built. The fake charging cases are often made of cheaper materials and can feel flimsy or easily damaged.

mini box for eartips

What’s Inside the Box?

When you open the box, check the contents carefully. Genuine Galaxy Buds Pro should come with a mini box containing ear tips and a charging cable.

The earbuds themselves should feel well-built and weighty. On the other hand, fake earbuds often do not include the mini box and may feel flimsy or light in comparison.

User Manual

The user manual can be another important indicator of authenticity. Genuine Galaxy Buds Pro manuals are usually lightweight and made from high-quality paper, while fake ones are bulky and often printed on low-quality paper.

galaxy buds pro case

Case Design

Check the design of the case carefully. Genuine Galaxy Buds Pro cases should have a smooth lid that opens all the way up, and the lip should go down as far as it should.

The fake cases, on the other hand, may have rougher edges or may not open or close fully.

How To Check If Galaxy Buds Pro Are Original

Lid Test

One simple way to check if your Galaxy Buds Pro case is genuine is to perform a lid test. If the lid feels smooth and clicks securely into place, it’s likely to be authentic. If the lid feels loose or wobbly, it may be a fake.

real vs fake buds pro

Earbuds Comparison

When comparing the earbuds themselves, it can be difficult to spot the differences between real and fake. However, genuine Galaxy Buds Pro should feel weighty and well-built, while fake ones may feel light and flimsy.

Additionally, real earbuds have ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) and Ambient mode, which counterfeiters often miss out on.

Quick Connect

One of the best ways to test if your Galaxy Buds Pro are real is to try connecting them to your phone. Genuine earbuds should connect easily and automatically to almost all Android devices, while fake ones may only show the name Galaxy Buds Pro in the available devices list.

Sound Quality

Finally, the sound quality can be a telltale sign of authenticity. Genuine Galaxy Buds Pro should have a crisp and clean sound, and ANC or Ambient mode. On the other hand, fake earbuds have nice sound quality, but they often struggle when the volume is turned up.

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Original Galaxy Buds Pro

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How to Check Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Serial Number

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are a great choice for those seeking wireless earbuds. However, it’s important to ensure that you’re purchasing genuine ones. One way to do this is to check the serial number of the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Here are the steps to check the serial number of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro:

Step 1: Open the Galaxy Wearable App

Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your paired device.

Step 2: Go to Earbuds Info

Click on the ‘About Earbuds’ or ‘Earbuds Info’ tab in the app.

Step 3: Find the Serial Number

Scroll down the page to find the Serial Number. The Serial Number will be located under the ‘Legal Information’ section.

Step 4: Verify the Serial Number

You can verify the Serial Number by checking it against the official Samsung website. Open Samsung’s official website and go to the support section.

Under the ‘Product Support’ section, select ‘Check Warranty Status’. Enter the Serial Number of your Galaxy Buds Pro, and the website will confirm its authenticity.

It’s important to check the serial number of your Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro to ensure that you have purchased genuine ones. By following these simple steps, you can verify the authenticity of your Galaxy Buds Pro and enjoy a great sound experience.


Checking the authenticity of your Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is essential to ensure that you have purchased genuine ones. By checking the serial number, you can be sure that you’re investing in a high-quality product that offers excellent sound quality and features.

Checking the serial number is a straightforward process that can be done through the Galaxy Wearable app and verified on the official Samsung website. So, the next time you’re considering purchasing Galaxy Buds Pro, make sure to verify their authenticity by checking the serial number.

One way to tell if your Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are genuine is to check the serial number using the Galaxy Wearable app and verify it on the official Samsung website.

If your Galaxy Buds Pro turns out to be fake, you should return them to the seller and request a refund. Purchasing fake products can have many negative consequences, including poor performance and safety hazards.

Galaxy Buds Pro are designed to work best with Samsung devices, but they can be used with any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity. This means that you can use your Galaxy Buds Pro with any smartphone or tablet that supports Bluetooth, regardless of the brand.

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