Should I wear headphones for the Zoom interview?

As the remote work trend continues to gain momentum, more job seekers are opting for Zoom interviews as a way to connect with potential employers. But one question that’s hotly debated is whether or not to wear headphones during the virtual meetings.

On one hand, headphones can enhance the audio experience and minimize distractions. On the other hand, they can also give off a less professional appearance and even make it harder for interviewers to read your body language. In this article, we’ll explore Should You wear Headphones for Zoom Meetings or Not?

Is it appropriate to wear Headphones during a Zoom interview?

The use of headphones during Zoom interviews can also depend on the type of job and company culture. For example, a position in the audio or music industry might call for the use of headphones to showcase technical skills, whereas a more conservative corporate environment might see them as inappropriate.

Furthermore, it’s important to consider the practicalities of wearing headphones, such as comfort during a long interview and the potential for technical difficulties.

Ultimately, the decision to wear headphones during a Zoom interview is a personal one and should be based on careful consideration of all factors involved.

Determine Why You are Using Headphones

Determining the reasons for using headphones during a Zoom interview is crucial because it helps ensure a positive and professional interview experience.

Wearing headphones can enhance the audio quality, minimize distractions, and showcase technical skills, but it can also create barriers between the interviewee and interviewer or be viewed as unprofessional.

By carefully considering the relevant factors, the interviewee being prepared and aware of the impact of headphones can lead to a more confident and relaxed interview performance.

The use of headphones during a Zoom interview should be determined by a variety of factors including:

  • Type of job and company culture
  • Technical skills demonstration (if relevant)
  • Comfort during a long interview
  • Minimization of distractions
  • Interviewer’s preferences
  • Audio quality improvement
  • Practicality and avoidance of technical difficulties
  • Professional appearance and personal comfort level.

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Benefits of Using Headphones During a Virtual Interview

Using headphones during a virtual interview can offer several benefits that can improve the overall experience for both the interviewer and interviewee.

Here are some of the key benefits of using headphones during a virtual interview.

Improved audio quality

Using headphones can improve the overall sound quality of the audio during a virtual interview, making it easier to hear and understand the interviewer.

Reduced background noise

By using headphones, you can minimize outside noise, which can be distracting and impact the quality of the interview.

Increased privacy

Headphones help to maintain privacy, allowing you to have a confidential conversation with the interviewer.

Better focus

When you use headphones, you can block out distractions and focus better on the conversation, which can result in a more productive and successful interview.

Professional appearance

Wearing headphones during a virtual interview can make you appear more professional, as it shows that you are serious about the opportunity and have made preparations to have the best possible experience.

Ability to move freely

With headphones, you can move around freely and be more comfortable during the interview, which can improve your overall performance.

Enhanced communication

By using headphones, you can ensure clear and uninterrupted communication with the interviewer, leading to a smoother and more effective interview experience.

More comfort

Wearing headphones during a virtual interview can also be more comfortable, as they help to reduce the strain on your ears and neck compared to using speakers or holding your phone.

Echo reduction

Using headphones with a built-in microphone can significantly reduce echo, making the audio clearer and more professional-sounding. This can help improve the overall experience for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

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Why the Quality of your Headphones Matters for Video Calls

When it comes to video calls, the quality of your headphones can make all the difference. From virtual interviews to remote team meetings, the audio component is a crucial aspect of any video call. And that’s where the quality of your headphones comes into play. Here’s why:

Clarity of Communication

High-quality headphones with clear sound and noise-canceling features can ensure that everyone on the call can hear each other clearly, without any background noise or distractions.

Professional Image

Using high-quality headphones can also convey a professional image, demonstrating your attention to detail and commitment to the call.

Improved Focus

Good headphones can help eliminate background noise and distractions, allowing you to fully focus on the call and be more present in the conversation.

Enhanced Productivity

With clear audio, you can communicate effectively, reducing the chance of misunderstandings and leading to more productive and efficient calls.

In short, the quality of your headphones matters for video calls as it can have a direct impact on the clarity of communication, your professional image, focus, and productivity. So, choose wisely and invest in a pair of high-quality headphones to make the most of your video calls!

Best Headphones For Zoom Meetings

With the increasing demand for remote work, Zoom meetings have become a staple in our daily lives. Having the right headphones can make a significant difference in the overall experience of these virtual gatherings. Here are some of the best budget-friendly and premium options for headphones for Zoom meetings.

Sony WH-1000XM5
Sony WH-1000XM5
  • Recommended
Bose QuietComfort 35
Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Gaming Headset
  • Best Microphone Quality
  • Can Also Be Use For Gaming
Jabra Elite 45h
Jabra Elite 45h
  • Budget-Friendly

How to set up your headphone for Zoom calls

Connect your headphones to your device: Connect your headphones to your computer via Bluetooth or use a 3.5mm audio cable to plug into the headphone jack of your computer.

  • Open the Zoom app: Launch the Zoom app and click on the “Settings” button.
  • Audio Settings: In the settings menu, select the “Audio” option. Here, you can choose your headphones as the default audio device for Zoom calls.
  • Test your headphones: Before you start a Zoom call, click on the “Test Speaker and Microphone” button to check the sound quality and microphone sensitivity of your headphones.
  • Start your Zoom call: Once you have confirmed the audio settings, start your Zoom call and enjoy clear and uninterrupted sound during the call.

By following these steps, you can easily set up your headphones for Zoom calls and ensure you have a high-quality audio experience during your virtual meetings.

Built-In Mic VS External Mic

For a Zoom interview, it is recommended to use an external microphone as it can offer improved sound quality compared to a built-in microphone. An external microphone can help reduce background noise and provide clear audio, which is important for professional virtual interviews.

However, it is important to consider your budget, setup, and portability requirements. If you are using a laptop or computer, headphones with a built-in microphone may be able to achieve sufficient sound quality for a Zoom interview.

In general, it’s best to test your audio setup before the interview to ensure you have clear and reliable audio. If you opt for an external microphone, consider purchasing a USB microphone as it is easy to set up and can provide good sound quality.

Are Gaming Headsets Acceptable For Video Interviews?

Gaming headsets can be acceptable for video interviews, but it depends on several factors. If the gaming headset has a clear microphone and good audio quality, it can be used for virtual interviews. However, it’s important to consider the overall appearance and design of the headset, as some gaming headsets may not look professional in a virtual interview setting.

Additionally, gaming headsets may have features that are specific to gaming, such as LED lighting and customization options, which may not be suitable for a professional virtual interview setting.

It’s recommended to consider the design and features to ensure a professional appearance and sound quality.

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What to do if the headphone is not working during Zoom calls?

If your headphones are not working during a Zoom call, here are a few steps to try:

Check the connection:

Ensure that your headphones are properly connected to your device and are not loose. If you’re using a wireless headset, make sure it is within range and has sufficient battery life.

Adjust audio settings:

Go to the audio settings on your device and make sure that your headphones are selected as the audio input and output device. Also, check the volume levels and adjust them as needed.

Restart the device:

Restarting your device can resolve many audio issues. If you’re using a computer, restart the computer and the headset.

Update drivers:

Outdated or incorrect drivers can cause audio problems. Check for updates for both your device and the headset and install the latest drivers.

Test the headset:

Try using the headset with another device or application to see if the issue is with the headset or the Zoom call.

Tips for completing a Zoom interview with Headphones

By following these tips, you can ensure a successful Zoom interview with headphones and make a positive impression on the interviewer.


Choose headphones that are comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. Consider the fit, padding, and weight of the headphones.

Audio quality

Use headphones with good audio quality to ensure that your voice comes across clearly and without any background noise.

Background noise

Make sure to use headphones in a quiet location to minimize background noise during the interview. If possible, use noise-canceling headphones to reduce background noise further.

Test before the interview

Test your headphones and audio settings before the interview to make sure everything is working properly.

Mute when not speaking

Remember to mute your microphone when not speaking to prevent background noise or interruptions.

Pay Attention

Focus on the interviewer and pay close attention to their questions and body language. Make eye contact and avoid distractions during the interview.

Dress Appropriately

Dress as you would for an in-person interview, even though you are participating from home.


In conclusion, wearing headphones during a Zoom interview can enhance the audio quality and reduce background noise, making the interview experience better for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

When choosing headphones, consider comfort, audio quality, and the ability to minimize background noise. If you’re unsure which headphones to use, there are plenty of budget-friendly and premium options available.

Gaming headsets are not typically recommended for video interviews, but if you’re using them, it’s important to test the audio quality and settings before the interview. Additionally, there are simple steps you can take to ensure a successful Zoom interview with headphones, such as focusing on the interviewer, muting when not speaking, and dressing appropriately.

Overall, headphones can be a valuable tool for making a positive impression during a Zoom interview.

Headphone quality matters during Zoom calls as it affects the audio clarity reduces background noise, and enhances overall call quality, leading to a better interview experience for both parties.

Headphones can improve audio quality and reduce background noise during Zoom interviews, enhancing the overall interview experience for both parties.

Wearing headphones during a Zoom meeting is not necessarily unprofessional, as long as they enhance audio quality and reduce background noise, creating a better experience for all participants.

Wearing headphones in a Zoom interview can enhance audio quality and minimize background noise, creating a more professional experience. Select comfortable headphones with good sound quality and noise reduction features.

Having specific headphones for Zoom meetings is not a requirement, as long as the headphones you use are compatible with your device and deliver clear audio. However, it’s recommended to avoid using RGB headphones for professional interviews as they may not be deemed appropriate.

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