HyperX Cloud II Wireless Headphones Review

Today, we’re reviewing the HyperX Cloud II Wireless headphones. This headset has been gaining a lot of attention lately, and for good reason – it promises to deliver the top-notch audio quality, comfort, and style.

As someone who’s always on the lookout for great audio gear, I was eager to put these headphones to the test and see if they lived up to the hype. In this review, I’ll be sharing my experience with the HyperX Cloud II Wireless headphones, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately giving my verdict on whether or not they’re worth the investment.

Bottom Line

HyperX Cloud II Wireless

Overall, the HyperX Cloud II Wireless headphones offer a great combination of sound quality, comfort, and features that make them an excellent choice for gamers and music lovers. However, the lack of a 3.5mm connection option may be a dealbreaker for some users, and the higher price point may not fit everyone’s budget.


  • Negligible latency.
  • Good audio reproduction and microphone.
  • Well-built and comfortable design.
  • Great battery life


  • No headphone jack for wired listening
  • Microphone quality is inconsistent

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Review

The HyperX Cloud II Wireless headphones are an impressive addition to the company’s range of gaming headsets. Designed with a focus on delivering high-quality sound and comfort, these headphones offer memory foam ear cups and an adjustable headband for a customized fit.

HyperX: Brand Overview

HyperX is a reputable brand that produces high-quality gaming accessories, including headsets, keyboards, and mice. Known for their excellent sound quality, comfort, and durability, HyperX headsets feature memory foam ear cups and adjustable headbands.

With a range of customization options, including RGB lighting and interchangeable ear cups, HyperX continues to innovate and produce top-notch products that are highly regarded by gamers and audio enthusiasts alike.

hyperX Cloud II Packaging

Packaging & Accessories

The HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset comes packaged in a sleek and sturdy box that showcases the product’s design and features.

Inside the box, you’ll find the headset, a detachable microphone, a USB wireless receiver, a USB charging cable, and a quick start guide.

The detachable microphone is a nice touch, as it allows you to use the headphones for listening to music or watching movies without the microphone getting in the way. The USB wireless receiver is easy to set up and provides a strong and stable connection to your device.

The USB charging cable is also of good quality and charges the headphones quickly. Overall, the packaging and accessories of the HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset are well thought out and provide everything you need to get started.

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Sound Quality

The headphones feature 53mm drivers that deliver powerful and immersive sound with excellent clarity and detail. The soundstage is wide and precise, allowing you to hear every detail in your games or music.

The headphones also feature virtual 7.1 surround sound, which provides an even more immersive experience and makes it easy to pinpoint sounds and movements in your games.

hyperX Design


The HyperX Cloud II Wireless headphones have a sleek and modern design that looks great and feels comfortable to wear. The headphones feature large memory foam ear cups that are covered in a soft leatherette material, which provides excellent noise isolation and comfort.

The adjustable headband is also padded with the same soft material, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for extended gaming or listening sessions. The headphones are also designed with a durable aluminum frame, which gives them a premium feel and helps them withstand the wear and tear of regular use.



The HyperX Cloud II Wireless headphones feature intuitive controls that are easy to use and provide quick access to essential functions. The headphones have a built-in volume wheel that allows you to adjust the volume quickly and precisely.

The right ear cup features a button that mutes the microphone when pressed, and an LED indicator shows you when the microphone is muted. The headphones also have a power button and a charging port located on the bottom of the left ear cup.


It’s worth noting that the HyperX Cloud II Wireless headphones do not have a 3.5mm connection option. This means that you are limited to using the headset with devices that have either a USB-A or USB-C port, which includes the PlayStation 4, PC, and the Nintendo Switch when it’s docked.

While this might be disappointing for some users who were hoping for a more versatile option, the USB wireless RF dongle provides a stable and reliable connection that offers excellent sound quality and low latency.


The HyperX Cloud II Wireless headphones have a long-lasting battery life that provides up to 30 hours of use on a single charge. This is impressive and allows you to use the headphones for extended periods without having to worry about running out of battery.


The headphones are made with high-quality materials and feature memory foam ear cushions and a padded headband that provide a comfortable and snug fit.

The ear cups are also designed to swivel 90 degrees, making it easy to find the perfect fit and ensuring that the headphones fit comfortably on any head size or shape.

Mic Quality

The HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset’s microphone quality is decent but not exceptional for a gaming headset. The microphone’s bass response is average and likely tuned to mitigate the proximity effect, which can cause bass-heavy voices to overwhelm the microphone when too close.

While the microphone’s drop-off isn’t as significant as some other gaming headsets, people with deep voices may still find that their voices sound slightly tinny and quiet when speaking into this microphone.

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Where to Buy

The HyperX Cloud II Wireless headphones are widely available for purchase from a variety of online and brick-and-mortar retailers. They can be purchased directly from the HyperX website or from popular online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg. The headphones are also available at many local electronics retailers, including Walmart and Micro Center.


HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset offers an excellent wireless gaming experience with its comfortable design, excellent sound quality, and reliable connectivity. The battery life is impressive, and the included accessories enhance the overall value of the product.

However, the lack of 3.5mm connectivity limits the headset’s compatibility with some devices, and the microphone quality may not be up to par for those who require high-quality audio recording or streaming capabilities.

Yes, the HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset can be used for phone calls. The headset features a built-in microphone, and its wireless connection allows for easy use with smartphones and other mobile devices.

The battery of the HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge, which is impressive for a wireless gaming headset.

Yes, the HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset is designed with comfort in mind, featuring soft memory foam ear cushions and a lightweight frame that’s ideal for extended gaming sessions.

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